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  • Is the cleaning fee included in the total price or is it additional?

    Upon arrival, the property will be perfectly clean. The cleaning fee is charged in addition to the reservation and we have additional services to make your stay a unique experience.


  • ¿Qué es el COVID-19?

    El COVID-19 es una enfermedad causada por un virus llamado SARS-CoV-2. La mayoría de las personas con COVID-19 tienen síntomas leves, pero algunas personas pueden enfermarse gravemente. Aunque la mayoría de las personas con COVID-19 mejora al cabo de unas semanas de haber estado enfermas, algunas personas experimentan afecciones posteriores al COVID-19. Las afecciones posteriores al COVID-19 son una amplia variedad de problemas de salud nuevos, recurrentes o en curso que las personas pueden experimentar más de cuatro semanas después de haberse infectado por primera vez por el virus que causa el COVID-19. Las personas mayores y las personas que tienen ciertas afecciones subyacentes tienen mayor riesgo de enfermarse gravemente a causa del COVID-19. Las vacunas contra el COVID-19 son seguras y efectivas.

  • ¿Cómo se propaga el virus?

    El COVID-19 se propaga cuando una persona infectada exhala gotitas y partículas respiratorias muy pequeñas que contienen el virus. Estas gotitas y partículas respiratorias pueden ser inhaladas por otras personas o depositarse sobre sus ojos, nariz o boca. En algunas circunstancias, pueden contaminar las superficies que tocan. Quienes están a menos de 6 pies de distancia de una persona infectada tienen mayor probabilidad de infectarse.

  • What rules or restrictions should I have for COVID-19?

    Your safety and our team are our priority. All our properties have locks that facilitate your arrival. All our units have Self Check-In enabled.

    It is important that you check the restrictions of the country in which you are and the restrictions of the country where you will stay before your trip, this information is constantly changing.

    Our customer service team is ready to answer all your questions before making your trip.

  • How is the cleaning of each Lockey property?

    It will be deeply cleaned and disinfected before your arrival, as part of our standards, the products we use are validated to achieve a broad spectrum cleaning.

    Our housekeepers are constantly trained to achieve a detailed cleaning so that you feel at home.

  • Are Lockey's properties sanitized when I check-in?

    Yes, all our properties are cleaned and disinfected before your arrival with environmentally friendly products and validated during their process.

Staying with us

  • What will I find in the unit?

    Each property has bed linens (sheets and towels). Hygiene supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap and sponge, body soap, and shampoo.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We know that nowadays due to the global health situation there are sudden changes, that is why we have changed our cancellation policies so that you can plan your trip with complete confidence. Check our cancellation policies section.

  • Do you have a pet policy?

    Many of our properties are pet-friendly, be sure to check that the unit you are looking to book has pet amenity activated.

  • How old do I have to be to rent a property?

    Almost everywhere you can rent a property from the age of 18. In the property description, you can see if the property has any additional age requirements.

  • I have a baby, does it count in the total number of occupants?

    Babies under two years are not considered as additional guests, there are some properties that restrict babies, you can find this information in the description of the place when it is the case.

  • Does my stay have any travel insurance?

    In case that it had to be canceled due to illness, death of a family member, delays, flight cancellations, or road closures, check our cancellation policies and we will be happy to help you so that you can visit us on another date.

  • Can I pay at my arrival?

    In order to guarantee your reservation, you have to pay at the time you are booking, not at the time of arrival, so we can guarantee that the place will be in perfect condition for your stay.

  • Are the properties unique to Lockey?

    We exclusively manage all the properties that we offer you with the intention of managing the best quality standards so that you can enjoy your stay as you deserve it.

  • What are the maintenance and assistance policies during my stay?

    If you have maintenance requests, for safety, we will only visit the unit during your stay if there is a major maintenance issue. An emergency maintenance phone number will be provided to you when you arrive.

  • Are all the property amenities at my disposal during my stay?

    The amenities available for use are listed in the unit's description. Any doubt about any amenity will be better to consult before with the Customer Service Department.

  • What are the cancellation policies?

    Please check our Cancellation Policies Section.

  • How do I add a review?

    Your opinion is very valuable to us and to our owners. At the end of your stay, we would like you to give us a review about it and the experience you lived with us on our social networks.

    Your opinion about your experience, location, furniture, etc., whether positive or negative, is very important. In this way, it helps us to improve, and future guests to better select their travel destination.

    Any comment about opportunities will be shared with each Lockey specialized area for follow-up and improvement.


  • How do I change guests or pets in my booking?

    Adjustments can be made to the reservation, it can be done directly in the reservation details, but also our customer service team will always be available to help you.


  • Is the check-in contactless?

    Your safety and our team are our priority. All our properties have locks that facilitate your arrival. All our units have a Self Check-In System enabled.

  • Can I enter earlier?

    We always try to find a way to help our clients. To authorize an earlier Check-In, we will have to wait until the day of your check-in to see if it is available. You should check with customer service from 9 am on the same day.

  • Where can I find my lockbox/keypad code?

    One day before your arrival you will receive all the instructions where all the details for your check-in with Lockey.

  • Can you help me to get the lock open?

    Review the detailed information with the instructions we provide and if you need more help do not hesitate to call us

  • Can't find the booked property?

    It is important that you save the location prior to your arrival, if you are having a bad signal the location can be moved. Make sure you have reviewed the instructions that were provided to you by email, try using Google Maps, Apple Maps, or a map application if you still cannot find the property, call our customer service team, they will be glad to help.

  • Can I extend my check-out?

    We offer late check-out as long as it is available. You would have to consult in advance to review the status of the property. If it is available, it can be done at an additional cost.


  • I have a property that I want to rent with Lockey, what should I do?

    Get in touch with us to be able to assign a person in charge of the area. We will be very happy to assist you.

  • How does Lockey work?

    The first step is to contact Lockey's sales team, they are in charge of carrying out an evaluation of your property to determine if it meets the standards that the company manages, and establishing the administration fee. If it is decided to continue with the process, an administration agreement will be signed and access to the unit will be requested to confirm a general inspection, validate permits, clean up, and collect all the necessary information, in this way we do everything possible to activate your vacation rental property as soon as possible.

    Once the unit is ready to welcome guests, our Full Property Management will execute what is necessary to obtain the most profit possible such as:

    ● Listing the unit on the main booking platforms.
    ● Using the highest quality photography showing the qualities of the property and unique descriptions.
    ● We use technological systems to be able to assign prices in a dynamic way
    ● Providing support to guests and owners 24/7.
    ● We have a professional team dedicated to maintenance and cleaning,
    ● We consider every detail, as if your property were ours, this leads to full customer satisfaction

    Managing a vacation rental property is no easy task, but Lockey makes it look like it is. This is because we will do it for you, you will no longer have to worry about anything else, other than enjoying your free time in what is full-service important and meaningful to you. With Lockey, you don't have to worry, just trust our Full Property Management service.

    The property is yours, you can have it whenever you want, always respecting the reservations that are already scheduled. In addition to this, Lockey has no further restrictions on the frequency of use of the property and the length of stay. All you have to do is book the date you want from your online owner account.

  • Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

    We are here to have a lasting relationship. One of our goals is to create a relationship of trust with you. If at any time you would like to cancel the contract, we would like to understand the reasons so that we can improve and continue with our relationship

  • How much are Lockey's real estate management fees?

    At Lockey we want to make things simpler, that's why we simplify to a full rate for all essential services, no fine print.

  • Do you have a vacation home and want to know how much Lockey charges for property management?

    Your rate is established by various factors, such as location, number of rooms, and amenities.

    Get a quote for your management fee.

  • What is full-service vacation rental management?

    Owners turn to Property Management due to the heavy burden of owning a vacation rental property and to maximize their results. That's why Lockey offers you a comprehensive solution to avoid these uncomfortable tasks. Some companies offer some of the necessary services such as cleaning the unit, or advertising, that is why the Lockey FPM service invests in the success of your property from start to finish.

  • Does Lockey offer property management services near me?

    Lockey is one of the largest Property Management companies in the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean. All our properties are carefully selected and are located in the best destinations, where travelers want to be, in addition to being exclusive for vacation rentals

  • What vacation rental management services does Lockey offer?

    Lockey's FPM manages all aspects of profitable vacation ownership. When you work with us, you are connecting with a team of Vacation Rental experts who will take care of everything for you. (Copy paste from services)

  • Does Lockey run Airbnbs?

    Yes. When you work with us, we advertise your property on Airbnb.

    That is just one of the channels where we advertise your property, we commercialize in the most important sales channels worldwide such as Verbo and Booking.com, to get more bookings and have a full rental calendar. In addition, Lockey provides professional photography, unique and personalized descriptions with keywords to make the unit stand out from the rest

  • How does Lockey advertise my home?

    It is not only important where we advertise the unit, but how. We have excellent relationships with the best vacation rental platforms (Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, TripAdvisor ) so Lockey's properties are often at the top of the inventory that guests see. In addition to having our website reaching more clients every day.

    Marketing strategies are carried out focused on a growing audience of potential guests, through search engines, email, social networks, and more.

  • How can I keep up with my vacation home remotely?

    As an owner, you have access to the app and your own account, which allows you to access data and updates about your home, view upcoming reservations and verify your income, all in real-time.

    Owners love our platform, it's easy to use.

  • How does Lockey use technology to price my home?

    The technology we use is the market leader. Our pricing systems are based on various factors, such as market prices, events, parity, etc. Concerning these factors, the rates of your home are generated and updated several times a day, seeking to have the best occupancy to get the best income.

    We invest in data analysis and income management to generate more money for your pocket. See how much your property can generate from Lockey's vacation rental with a fully customized income estimate.

  • How does Lockey ensure a great guest experience?

    Our main goal is to delight the guest at all times, through unique and unforgettable experiences that generate positive recommendations and reviews. Starting with providing them with the right property, our property listings include high-quality photos that show guests exactly what they are booking.

    Before each arrival the guest is provided with all the information of their reservation, suggestions of interest, the unit is stocked with basic items and cleaning, so that guests have everything they need and begin to enjoy their trip.

    After each stay, we ask guests to leave a comment, and if something was not to their total satisfaction, we take it very seriously and make improvements to enhance future experiences

  • What is Lockey's pet policy?

    Whether pets are allowed or not depends on you, but you must acknowledge that accepting them brings great benefits. Several states show that pet-friendly properties are the most requested, resulting in better income for you.

    Our team of housekeepers performs deep cleanings after the stay with pets to ensure that the place is in perfect condition for the next arrival.

    Guests with pets will be charged an additional nightly charge to cover necessary cleaning procedures, pet supplies, and customer service.

  • What is Lockey's cleaning process?

    Guest expectations are getting higher and higher. That is why we have a professional team of housekeepers trained to disinfect surfaces with specialized products for these tasks.

    These extensive security measures do not generate any additional cost for you or your guests.


  • I forgot something at the unit

    We know that on many occasions it happens that you forget something during your vacation! We are happy to mail your forgotten item to you for a fee of $25, plus shipping, within 2 weeks of your stay. Call us at +52 1 81 2074 6708 to coordinate the shipment. In case you do not call us, the forgotten item will be donated.

  • What happens if something breaks or breaks down during my stay?

    In the event that something breaks, the corresponding charge will have to be made to replace it. If something breaks down, our team will assist you shortly.

  • If I have an emergency, who should I call?

    Communicate to the customer service number +52 1 81 2074 6708

Cancellations and Refunds

  • What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    The Guest Refund Policy applies in addition to Lockey’s Terms and Coditions
    Bookings canceled at least 30 days before the start of the stay will receive a 100% refund.
    Bokings canceled at least 14 days before the start of the stay will receive 50% refund.

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